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Rockwood Manufacturing

Rockwood ManufacturingRockwood Manufacturing Company was founded in 1946 by the Gurzenda Family in rural southwestern Pennsylvania. Our sole focus has been builders hardware and specifically door trim hardware for commercial, institutional and finer residential buildings. The skills and craftsmanship now reach into third generation employees as we continue to develop new products and processes that improve our offering. Rockwood was acquired by ASSA ABLOY in 2008; the resulting sharing of best practices across the group companies will help us to improve at a faster rate going forward.

The Rockwood product line includes custom and standard door pulls, push and pull bars, door stops and bolts, protection plates (kick plates), and a variety of specialty door trim hardware for commercial buildings. The Rockwood product catalog includes our standard products but much more is available. A wide variety of out-of-production items and custom fabrication is readily available.

Rockwood products are normally used on all types of institutional buildings, offices, retail, educational, detention, sports facilities, hotel and restaurant, and finer residences.
Rockwood 70B Push Plate: 3 1/2" x 15"
Rockwood 70C Push Plate: 4" x 16"
Rockwood 107 x 70B 3 1/2" x 15" Pull Plate
Rockwood 105 x 70B 3 1/2" x 15" Pull Plate
Rockwood 409 Wall Stop - Concave
Rockwood 406 Wall Stop - Convex
Rockwood 608 Rubber Silencer (Bag/100)
Rockwood 441 Floor Mount Dome Door Stop - Low Rise
Rockwood 443 Floor Mount Dome Door Stop - Hi Rise
Rockwood 471 Floor Mounted Door Stop, 3-inch High Base, 2 1/2-inch Dia.
Rockwood 490 Door Holder & Stop - US26D-Satin Chrome
Rockwood 555 Extension Flush Bolt (Set)
Rockwood 570 Dust Proof Strike
Rockwood 901 Magnetic Catch
Rockwood 622 UL Listed Door Viewer
Rockwood 627.CRM UL Listed 190˚ Door Viewer w/ Privacy Cover, Brite Chrome Finish, For Doors 1-3/8" to 2-1/4"
Rockwood 627.BLK UL Listed 190˚ Door Viewer w/ Privacy Cover, Black Finish, For Doors 1-3/8" to 2-1/4"
Rockwood 446 Door Stop - Modern Style Floor Mounted Stop with DuraFlex Gray Rubber Bumper
Rockwood LA86 Latch Adapter Plate, Primed Finish, 86 Edge to 161 Latch Conversion Plate, w/ Machine Screws
Rockwood FC161 + LF161 Door face & Edge Filler Plates, Prime Coat Finish
Rockwood 107 Pull Handle, 8" Center-To-Center (CTC), 3/4" Diameter
Rockwood # 596 Series Hospital Latch, US32D-Satin Stainless Steel
Rockwood 853 Wire Pull, 4-inch CTC, 5/16-inch Diam.
Rockwood 320 Latch Protector
Rockwood 320C Latch Protector
Rockwood 320CL Latch Protector
Rockwood 321 Latch Protector
Rockwood 461 Kick Down Door Stop. US26D-Satin Chrome
Rockwood 460 Kick Down Door Stop
Rockwood 890 Pocket Door Pull
Rockwood # 891 Pocket Door Privacy Latch
Rockwood 580-8 Surface Bolt, 8-inches
Rockwood 130 Cast Door Pull, 5 1/2-inch Center-to-Center
Rockwood Manufacturing BF156 Offset Pull Handle - 8" CTC
Rockwood 630-4 Dutch Door Bolt, 4-inch Length, US26D-Satin Chrome
Rockwood 2672 Door Coordinator, 72-inch Opening with Filler Bar, Black Prime Coat Finish
Rockwood 107 x 70C Pull Plate, 3/4" Diam, 8" CTC, 4" x 16" Plate, US32D-Satin Stainless Steel
Rockwood 459 Spring Loaded Door Stop, US26D-Satin Chrome Finish